One More Cure for Hiccups

December 20, 2022 · 5:50 AM

I’ve penned formerly about how Paul Ingraham assisted treatment my patello-femoral ache syndrome.

Extra not too long ago, Paul appeared into hiccup cures because his father experienced an intractable scenario. What last but not least worked for dad? Respiratory into a plastic bag.

Boosting blood CO2 (hypercapnia) by respiratory in a PLASTIC bag. This a single is very plausible and is straightforward and secure to check out. Hypercapnia absolutely influences some types of hiccups. The story (from a clever supply, a excellent “friend of PainSci”): “There’s an even easier way out of hiccups — at zero charge. Acquired it from my uncle, who studied medicine in Brazil in the 50s. Anesthetized individuals with hiccups had been a pain, so they desired to get rid of it ASAP. Approach: breathing in a PLASTIC bag, small more than enough for you to get to hypercapnia (get better blood levels of CO2). You have to hold the bag Genuinely restricted all over nose and mouth to avert air from escaping, and if you have troubles with dizziness, it is advisable to sit down for it. As before long as it will get not comfortable, generally following 4-6 breaths, you can end, the hiccup will be absent. I really don’t know what this does to the phrenic nerve, but it operates 100%.”

Security Take note: Obviously there could be some threat with this process. If he’d experienced lower O2 or was battling for breath, we likely would not have dared. (On the other hand, if he’d been in that state, he would’ve been at the medical center.) But he was supervised, with no risk of acquiring stuck, and a make any difference of only just a several breaths. Perhaps there was continue to some risk… but I imagine not managing individuals hiccups was also a hazard.

I’ve never attempted that approach for my hiccups. My particular most loved residence remedy is “drinking from the far facet of the glass.” AKA, drinking water upside down. View this online video of a very good ol’ boy demonstrating the method whilst I would purpose for drinking at the very least 6-8 fl oz of water in advance of quitting. Do not question me how it operates it may have a little something to do with the gentle palate or diaphragm.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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