Common Issues with Mobility Scooters and How to Fix Them

Mobility Scooter

If you are an individual who depends on a mobility scooter to help them get around, the chances are that at some issue, this reliable device will run into difficulties. 

A mobility scooter is very valuable to aiding individuals get their independence again adhering to an accident or along with degenerative difficulties like arthritis. Having said that, you need to have to bear in mind that a mobility scooter is not infallible, and can fall to the similar issues as any other electric gadget. 

So, to aid you manage your mobility scooter for as long as achievable, with as little problem, listed here are some of the most prevalent challenges that mobility scooters have, and how you can take care of them.

Weakened Tyres

Tyres of a mobility scooter are built for the rough and tumble that this equipment will go by means of. The most popular tyre varieties on a mobility scooter consist of foam-crammed tyres, pneumatic tyres (air-filled), and solid tyres.

If you have an air-stuffed tyre, the most common problem you will encounter is a puncture. This is far more widespread if the tyres are already showing signs of dress in, or if the tread is receding. Thankfully, you can get new tyres for mobility scooters if location signals of injury, which will preserve them strong and organization from punctures from nails and glass when you are out and about.

Battery Challenges

The base of the mobility scooter is the battery and if there is an concern with this, then the entire unit won’t get the job done. The most popular concern that you will confront is that the battery will be not able to maintain a charge. 

You can test to see if the charger desires changing and, if it doesn’t, then it is time to exchange the battery. Mobility scooter batteries are quick to obtain and switch, but if you have issues with mobility, lifting weights, or your range of motion, you really should ask another person else to assistance you switch the battery. Numerous mobility scooter provider retailers can also do this for you, as properly as make sure that the suitable battery is requested and fitted the right way.

The Motor

Another common issue that you may well practical experience is difficulties with the motor. 

A common signal that there is an concern with the motor is if the device lags forward or appears to stop and commence when you are driving it. If you have experienced your mobility scooter for a handful of yrs, then this is additional possible to occur. 

You will need to have to call a mobility scooter technician if your motor is failing. Or, as before, you can consider the scooter to a store to have the challenge diagnosed by an expert. Never try to exchange the motor on your very own, as you might lead to additional damage. 

Ignition Switch Troubles

It is truly worth taking into consideration the place on your mobility scooter the ignition switch is located. In most instances, it will not be encased, making it susceptible to the factors. As you can guess, this can cause difficulties with corrosion and perform. If it appears to be that your essential is no for a longer period able to turn the mobility scooter on, then you will need to look for the assist of a technician to diagnose the fundamental issue.