How to cook oat groats (instead of rice, use this grain)

Toasted oats, commonly referred to as oats in the oatmeal many of us eat for breakfast, are steamed and flattened oat groats. I’ve tried various recipes on how to cook oat groats, but the method I came up with makes them taste the best.

The soaking and cooking method makes this tough grain soft, flavorful with the perfect bite. I don’t like the taste of brown rice, but I love this cooked version of oat groats. While I like the taste of white rice, it doesn’t contain much nutrition, and rice is generally high in arsenic because the soils were previously cotton fields doused in chemicals to kill bugs.


Place grains in a small sauce pan and fill with water so that the grains are covered. You want to add extra water so the grains are fully submerged. Cover pot and place in refrigerator overnight. Rinse and drain grains in a colander twice within a 12-hour period.

The following day, rinse and drain grains in a colander and add water to cover. Cook the grains like you would pasta, on medium-high heat so that the water is boiling. Add enough water so the level of water is over and above the grains.

Cook the oats in the boiling water for 1 hour, checking every 15 minutes, adding more water, if the water level gets too low. Rinse and drain in a colander. Taste a few grains to make sure it’s cooked enough.

Serve with any meal that asks for rice. It’s also delicious with a little sprinkle of salt, or with a few drops of coconut aminos mixed in.

Store in a sealed glass container in the refrigerator. It should keep for about 3 days.

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